I often hear the phrase, "if you want something done right, then you should do it yourself", applied to lawn-care and gardening.  With D&G, we treat your yard in the same way that we would treat our very own.


1.  When we see a weed, we first try to hand-pull.  If hand-pulling is not physically possible, then we "pop" the weed using a manual weed popper - removing the root system.  We only use our electric trimmer when absolutely necessary and to improve the aesthetics of your lawn.  


------we don't simply wack every weed to the dirt's surface, only for them to return in a short period of time. 



2.  We work carefully to avoid plants that are important to you.  


------we don't trample carelessly around your yard 



3. When we use our electric equipment powered by 100% renewable sources, you know that: 

There are zero CO2 emissions

There is zero harmful exhaust 

There are zero harmful pollutants

The noise level is drastically reduced (compared to gas powered)



4. We bring freshly cleaned equipment to your yard! 


-----we don't bring equipment that has seeds and other plant waste/material leftover from previous jobs.













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